Our Customers Speak

“Mark has always delivered. Mark is driven to create value and excellent outcomes for his client firms and their assignees. With his deep experience in the industry, Mark knows how to avoid potential risks and unnecessary costs or delays”
Bill Kernahan – Director, Human Resources at AECOM

“I’ve used Mark (aka the Corporate Relocator) to help us make a more personal connection with employees being relocated and to ensure we are getting value from our removal companies. His service and knowledge are first class.Engaging  their proactive service has assisted us make a more personal connection with our employees being relocated and ensures we are getting maximum value from our removal companies. Their value proposition is: Simple, Cost Effective and Professional. A thorough approach provides confidence each move will go smoothly.Mark and his team are driven to create value and excellent outcomes for their client firms and their assignees. With deep experience in the industry, Mark and his team know how to avoid potential risks and unnecessary costs or delays. Their service and knowledge are first class and allow for selection of the best provider for the situation – Domestic or International.I can confidently recommend The Corporate Relocator model to other organisations to help meet core business objectives while providing an additional level of support to your assignees and their families as well as keeping costs within budget. They are simple to engage and streamline the relocation process significantly for both the employee and their company. Savings gained by outsourcing this process are both financial and administrative time saved”
Mark Vining – General Manager, People & Capability at Thiess Australia Mining

“Please find attached completed performance report  for our recent move – 10/10”
Bill Kitching – HR Advisor at Downer EDI Mining

“Our Human Resources team sees this relationship as an important employee benefit initiative and has found The Corporate Relocator to have the ability to supply Downer EDI Mining a product that meet and/or exceeds the needs and expectations of our employees while significantly reducing removal and administrative costs”
Hilton Hurst – Executive General Manager, Human Resources at Downer EDI Mining 

“A quick note to say thank you for your assistance in relation to our recent relocation from Sydney to Brisbane. Your support to my family and I during this stressful period enabled us to focus our attention on the many other activities associated with moving home, city and job”
James Dymock – General Manager, Brand & Service Development at Virgin Australia

“Mark ‘The Corporate Relocator’ has brought a service to an industry that is very difficult to navigate through when relocating nationally and internationally. I have worked with Mark for around 15 years and he has coordinated a number of moves for myself personally and also other team members in my organisation. It is with pleasure I write this recommendation as Mark is a very professional individual that can broker the best options for these services and he is a very cost effective option to achieve a quality result who provides the full complement of services”
Dean Adams – Procurement professional

“Mark Minslow did an excellent job keeping us informed and followed up on issues etc promptly. I found the service to be very useful. Thanks also to Thiess for providing this employee benefit initiative.”
Simon Dorward – Project General Manager 

“The Corporate Relocator has had the responsibility for all aspects related to the relocation of employees for the last four years and performs this role with absolute professionalism. Mark has an intimate and thorough knowledge of all aspects of the relocation process and this is constantly on display through his actions and management of the process Mark’s ability to manage the relationship with the employee is exceptional and this always assists to brand our company and represents the company favourably with the employee. Mark’s ability to balance the many issues involved with relocation is exceptional and in all the years Mark has been performing this role the company has never had a single complaint. Mark’s excellent work ethic and his financial accountability have always resulted in the company always coming in on budget. This is attributed to Mark’s fiscal accountability and his ability to seamlessly manage the relocation process.”
HR Director – Name withheld at request

“I would like to thank you for all your assistance in ensuring my move went smoothly. Due to my situation at the time I wouldn’t have been able to organize the move without you help”
L & D Advisor – East Coast | Downer EDI Mining Pty Ltd

“I have known Mark for approximately 10 years and have engaged his company services at a business level and also for my own personal relocation from time to time during that time. He is extremely personable and has always maintained good client relationships through both busy and flat times. Delivery high quality, good value outcomes and reliability are his key strengths”
Maxine Sacre  – Senior HR Manager