Benefits/Competitive Advantage

Today’s economic environment necessitates a never ending effort to trim costs and improve quality.

BenefitsThe Corporate Relocator (TCR)

TCR’s model helps meet core business objectives while providing an additional level of support to your assignees and their families as well as keeping costs within budget.

Professionalism, cost efficiencies and service delivery on time at a high level are a priority. 

Cost Management Platform

We provide a competitive pricing structure using a panel of Tier 1 providers. This reflects our core business philosophy to ensure you receive the most competitive bid in conjunction with the best service. Rather than being locked in to one company we offer choice and flexibility based on client’s specific requirements. The cornerstone of a successful move is the transferring employee’s ability to choose their preferred supplier from a panel of corporate preferred suppliers.


Risk Management

TCR takes the stress and guess work out of every move and assists simplifying the decision making process. Taking factors into account such as strengths within specific regions. Having worked within the relocation industry for many years we have found companies to have strengths and weaknesses in different regions domestically and internationally.

The TCR model offers flexibility and knowledge throughout the process, utilising our experience and expertise across core removal services and that of our partners.

The TCR model allows their clients to provide additional support to its relocating employees, when dealing with removal companies, by providing them with a contact from start to finish utilising our experience and expertise across our core removal services and that of our partners.

Allows HR to focus on core business tasks

Saves HR having to handle numerous enquiries from prospective employee about small details regarding the relocation